Turn Your Pain into Your Power….You Never Know Who You’re Inspiring!

Motivational Speaker & Self-Published Author

Meet Tawanna

On a mission towards empowering and encouraging women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds, Tawanna is definitely a woman who knows her WORTH!

She continuously push past the black woman statistics and the naysayers and rise to the occasion to fight to get to the next level so she can be more and do more.  Her struggle has been real as she has survived a less than “child-like” upbringing, absent daddy issues, domestic violence, divorce, betrayal in relationships, raising four boys, business failures, loss of close friendships and family animosity.  But none of this has taken away the kind-hearted, genuine spirit of  Tawanna, as she says, “God Turned Her Pains into Her Power” through business opportunities of entreprenuership, self love motivational speaking, and self-publications.

Ms. Myles’ fight is not just for her and her boys, it’s so she can help grow other women and give the advice or the opportunities that was not given to her as a young woman trying to find herself.  She believes if more people would just try to make someone else’s life a little easier by giving a care, a push, a smile, or a suggestion, the road to happiness and success would be a lot more common amongst us women.black houston female free motivational business inspirational speaker

Although, Tawanna has no regrets for her past because it has made her the strong, above and beyond soul that will risk it all to see if an opportunity is part of her destiny. One of her goals as a speaker is to set a path to inspire as many women spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially and in that order without them having to reinvent the wheel but finding their own way.

Houston Women Speakers

Born and raised in Houston, Tawanna is spreading her wings in her city. As a women’s motivational speaker for organizations, schools, and businesses, she is inspired to be the light-bulb with real-world strategies to help others lead their own path. Tawanna is able to connect in a unique way with groups of all sizes with her warmth, directness, and wit. Her compelling story of resilience, positive affirmation and self-discipline is an inspiration to engage people of all ages and ethnicities as they face the inevitable hurdles of life.

“My mission is simple, which is to help women move beyond their fears, so they can rise to their full potential and purpose,” says Ms. Myles.

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