Projects of Tawanna:

2008 – Created, Produced & Host of Teen Talk – A local television show opening the dialogue regarding boys, self-esteem, hygiene, teen pregnancy, and beauty for young women allowing them to ask personal  questions and get honest advice without the scrutiny of their peers and parents.

2009 – Teen Advocate for High School students – An extension of Teen Talk in classes at high schools but the conversations were for the young women and men.

2010 – Inventor of International successful health supplement for women.

2013 – Built Following on YouTube with Health & Inspiration videos.

2015 – Authored and sold first Health Books on Amazon.

2016 – Started local Website Marketing & Social Media Firm for online businesses.

2017 – Self-Published first Self-Help Women’s Book “Get Over Your Ex: Thank Him for Leaving You.”

Tawanna has made it her goal to see every woman successfully happy by providing solutions and tools to help women all over the world find their purpose in life, as well as love for themselves from within.