How to Start Selling on Amazon

Are you ready to start your own selling products on Amazon FBA?

The opportunity to have your own products for sale on Amazon is now.  This ecommerce platform sold $136 billion worth of goods on its website. It’s estimated to grow another 20% in 2017.  There are more buyers than sellers and more trending products arising everyday.  Now is the time for you to get in to this proven system and get a piece of this lucrative pie.

 You don’t need to develop a new website, disburse on ads to get customers or even deliver ordered items to the buyer… the traffic and customers are on Amazon waiting on you.

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I’ve had my ups and downs selling on Amazon, and through it all was a learning experience that brought me to the point I can live comfortably and scale up this opportunity.  As of May 2017, selling on Amazon for two years now, I generate over $7,300 a month from my own private label products.  My goal is to get to $10k by adding another product to my line within 30 days.

Here are my sales for the day. Goal: Rinse & Repeat the System to Double!

how to start selling on amazon

If your a single mom like me needing more income, married and need extra income, a college student needing a side hustle, a small business owner needing more streams of income or an elder in need of money just to survive or judt ready to work from home and control your own schedule….THEN SELLING ON AMAZON IS FOR YOU!

This is an easy to follow RINSE & REPEAT system once you understand how to find and get products, Amazon algorithms and the simple processes to get your products in front of Amazon’s customer from the first day you start selling.

 Don’t delay, the time is now to get started selling on Amazon. Find a product, which I will help you with research for your first product, get your logo on it, send it to amazon, create your listing, and rank it to the top to get in front of millions of buyers. I SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE WHAT I MAKE A DAY!!  (Invest in Your Future)


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how to start selling on amazon


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This complete beginner guide will teach you the basics of selling on Amazon FBA. I curently make over $7300 a month selling on Amazon and if I can do it, you should be able to as well. Amazon FBA is a great source of marketplace for sellers. Selling on Amazon doesn’t require a big investment and doesn’t require much time.

In this instructional video course you will learn how to create a seller account on Amazon and how the sales rank and Amazon Fees work. More videos of great information that will have you making at least $3000 a month, if you follow the steps and go in hard for your new business. GET IT NOW BEFORE CLASS CLOSES!!